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Strategies to End Double Violence Against Undocumented Women

5 August 2012

PICUM’s report “Violence Against Undocumented Women in Europe – Protecting Rights and Ensuring Justice”, June 2012 :

Undocumented women are those residing in Europe without a valid residence or work permit. In an absence of rights and justice, violence can be a reason for their migration, the cause of their irregularity, and consequence of this unprotected status.

Gender vulnerabilities increase the likelihood of migrant women to become undocumented, a status under which they are greatly exposed to systematic violence, abuse and discrimination. The majority of undocumented women arrive to Europe with a regular, but often highly dependent migration status and become undocumented for reasons outside of
their own control. While many women leave their home countries in a bid to achieve justice and equality, the discriminatory and disempowering policies which govern the migration process can often disempower them.

The lack of an independent legal status is a very common challenge for migrant women and means that those subject to violence, exploitation or misinformation can easily find themselves in an undocumented situation with no possibility to
re-regularise their status. Migrant women may also become undocumented following an unsuccessful claim for asylum; those seeking protection are highly disadvantaged in the asylum system as claims on grounds of gender-based violence have a disproportionately high refusal rate in many of states. Finally, irregular entry is another route in which migrant women can become undocumented and one in which they are at particular risk of human rights abuses.

Dowload / Read the report in PDF

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